Leadership team & Head of Departments

Meet here our team members. Tip: click on anyone to read their story and find direct contact details. And by the way: they would love to meet you too!

Jeroen den Bok CEO Stars and Stories

Jeroen den Bok

Founder and CEO

As the co-founder of Stars and Stories, Jeroen invented the engine that keeps our business running. He is an entrepreneur pure sang with tons of experience in word of mouth marketing. Although he sometimes still dreams about living the ‘Mad Men’ life, he also realizes that whiskey and cigarettes aren’t gonna hold. His biggest goal is to help brands grow and he would do anything within his power to achieve this.

Jurjen van Vliet CRO Stars and Stories

Jurjen van Vliet

Co-founder and CRO

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) says it all. While others keep the engine running, Jurjen arranges the fuel on time. He is the Co-founder of Stars and Stories, Head of the Sales Department while taking on the larger accounts of clients that are looking for a long term relationship. Busy man. His experience in word of mouth marketing and his love for advertising makes him the perfect partner for brands that want to grow globally.

Lucas Borja Peinado COO Stars and Stories

Lucas Borja Peinado


As the COO of our company, Lucas has the talent to translate all creative ideas and new developments into smooth operations. While designing and implementing the wildest business strategies, plans and procedures, he makes it look like a piece of cake on just any other day. Lucas is known for his calm and ‘everything is under control appearance’ which gives our team the confidence that no matter how high the pressure, we will manage.

Sandrien de Nijs HR Officer Stars and Stories

Sandrien de Nijs

HR Officer

As the head of our HR department, Sandrien’s biggest challenge is to attract the right people for the right positions. Since we’ve grown from 5 to 15 people in only 6 months, you can understand that it’s not only about finding talented people but also about developing our company as an employer brand. If you’re interested: Take a look at our career site.

Stéphane le Breton Sales Director France Stars and Stories

Stéphane le Breton

Sales Director France

Like in many cultures: it takes one to know one. Which is why this Sales Director is as French as they come and headquartered in capital Paris. Stéphane has a strong background in advertising and a passion for content marketing. Be warned: his enthusiasm is unlike you’ve ever experienced and it spreads.

Arjen de Boer Sales Director Benelux Stars and Stories

Arjen de Boer

Sales Director Benelux

If you want stars and stories for your product in one of the Benelux countries, Arjen is the person to talk to. He has significant experience in online marketing and sales and loves to help out brands with their challenges. Once they’re on board, it is Arjen’s number one priority to give clients a ‘sit back and relax’ experience. We must say, he’s a natural…

Karlijn Fiesler Manager Marketing and Communications Stars and Stories

Karlijn Fiesler

Manager Marketing and Communications

While everyone’s busy making our clients happy, Karlijn is working hard on giving the company a voice to be heard and sharing our knowledge with the world (subscribe to the blog if you want a piece of it). You’ll find her usually at her desk with her headphones on and three empty cups of coffee while juggling with words and other things we have to trust on.