We believe in the power of honest, authentic and unbiased reviews

Customer ratings and online reviews for your product

As a brand you want people to talk about your products, especially right after the market introduction. But how do you get the right people to write quality reviews on time? Stars and Stories™ does this on a daily basis, for the world’s biggest brands. On places where it matters the most: the listing page of your most important online retailers.

Low cost

We don’t believe in activating hundreds of people to get results. We get you small numbers of highly motivated product lovers, so costs of samples and logistics stay low.

Hakuna Matata Philosophy

Once we’ve kicked off, you can sit back and relax and let us do all the work. On the go, we’ll keep you updated on the results with a cool online campaign dashboard.

Speedy delivery

Within days after your product launch, your reviewers already start sharing their stories online. On average, we can achieve your goals in less than four weeks time.

Customer ratings and online reviews for online retailers

Ok, online reviews benefit your e-shop. You already have the technology, so how do you get the content without begging for it? Easy, let your suppliers sponsor them. They deliver the samples, we do the work. You get the reviews, they pay.
Everybody’s happy.

User generated content

There’s no content like the stories that your own consumers want to share on your platform. We can help you get 1, 20 or 100 reviews. On 1, 1000 or a million products.

Pure profit

Your suppliers sponsor the samples, we do the work, you get the profit. Work with us and it’s like receiving a bag with money every month for free. Katshing!

Improve SEO and conversion

Online reviews improve your position on Google, which increases organic traffic, that converts more thanks to the online reviews. It’s like the hen and the egg. It’s a win-win.

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Meet ups with your audience

The cool thing about face to face meetups is that you really get to know your audience and they really get to know your product. Sometimes a clear understanding on one another is all you need to get the best results.

Consumer insights

What happens when you invite your target audience into your office? You get to understand what really makes them tick AND you receive brutally honest feedback about your product.

Quality reviews

Meeting up face to face with your review panel, enables you to tell the full story behind the product, clarify specific features and bring down the reviews to a whole other level.

Motivated Brand Ambassadors

Giving your audience the opportunity to test your product front row and listening to her feedback is the best recipe for creating loyal brand ambassadors.

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