Frequently Asked Questions About Our Review Solutions

Where do you find your reviewers?

Since we started our company we have grown a strong and loyal community of people who like testing products in exchange for their reviews. For every new campaign, we search this community. In addition, we find new reviewers by using social media marketing and advertising tactics. 

How do you select your reviewers?

When people sign up to test a product, they go to a survey. We ask them product related and personality related questions. The answers give us a clear picture of who fits the target group description and who doesn’t.

How do you know which reviewer is best for my product?

A good reviewer fits your target group description. That aside, a good reviewer is also reliable, loves to share its opinion and knows how to write a decent piece of content. Our community of reviewers grows every day and we keep track of their activity and the quality they deliver.

What do the ads in a review campaign say?

It depends on the product. Usually, the ad says something like: Try out these new headphones for free and share your opinion online.

How many reviews do we need?

Based on scientific research conducted by Google, your website experiences a positive impact if you collect more than 20 online reviews per website.

Should I collect online reviews on my own website?

Yes! In most cases, a consumer checks the website of the brand before making a purchase. On average, people check 10 sources (regarding consumer electronics) before they make a purchase decision. Your website is one of them.

Do you censure the reviews or act as a moderator before they go online?

No, this goes against our belief in honest and authentic reviews. Also, it is one of the biggest advantages of our concept: we ask people to write it themselves, using their own computer. This way we can send them to very specific websites.

Could I get negative reviews?

This is possible but doesn’t happen a lot. We recommend not to partner with us if you are not certain that your product can live up to its promise. By the way, did you know even negative reviews can benefit your online sales?

Is it not weird if there are suddenly 20 reviews online?

Website visitors probably notice when reviews are generated by a sampling program. The trick is to be open about it. Thanks to our content policy, the reviews truly show genuine and honest consumer feedback. They’re not all 5 stars (did you know that a rating above 4.2 out of 5 is considered ‘to good to be true’?) and the reviews are clearly written from a personal point of view.

Do the reviewers get money or are they compensated in any other way?

No. We believe in honest, unbiased reviews. Incentivising the reviewers would go against that belief. They do not get paid and they cannot keep the product. Read the Authenticity Program to learn more about our policy.

Why do people participate if they can’t keep the product?

It’s mostly altruism, combined with a sense of excitement that comes with trying out new products. They also get a feeling of satisfaction when people ask for their opinion.

Can you do it on every website we choose?

Most of them, but not all. Some websites only allow reviews from people who have actually bought the product and can verify this. Preferably, the website is not a closed community or forum. We have business cases in which we succeeded to get product reviews on dedicated communities. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee a 100% result.

What do online retailers think of your concept?

They love it. An e-tailer only allows real and honest reviews and we provide exactly this.
We help them get great quality content that results in higher conversions. We help them to get more easily found on Google, which results in more visitors.

What happens with the products after the campaign?

This up to our clients. To be clear: the products do not stay at the reviewers unless for hygienic reasons (like shavers, toothbrushes etc.).

Are there any legal issues with your concept?

No, absolutely not.

Can you do this in other countries?

Absolutely. We can arrange all our efforts online and through the telephone. From selection to distribution to communicating, all can be managed from our office in The Netherlands. We do business in many European countries, in the USA, and even Japan.

Can you do this with every product?

Technically we can. As long as you are able to support the campaign with sample products and there are dedicated spaces online where reviewers can post their opinions.

I can see why this works really well for Consumer Electronics, but how does it work for other products like scarves, t-shirts, shoes etc.??

People search for reviews for almost every product. Investing in a low-end product would influence the ROI for this specific product and also positively affect your brand as a whole. 

Couldn’t find the answer to your question?

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