We are all ears for our new partnership with Sony!

We are truly excited to start our cooperation with this inspiring brand. Noting that their name derives from the Latin word Sonus, which means ‘sound’, we would like to give them a big welcome applause! 

Post-war Innovation 

In 1946, right after the disaster that had struck Japan in the aftermath of the war, founder Masaru Ibuku came up with the first idea for what is today known as the brand Sony. Its founding prospectus, the handwritten document describing its first concept still exists up to this day! The team was made out of merely 20 members, which is an exhilarating idea considering the fact that the brand is now based in over fifty countries. Sony still continues to create groundbreaking devices; three weeks ago they even launched a wearable air conditioning that fits into your t-shirt!

Working with Stars and Stories

With a keen eye for innovation and their horizon set for growth, it is no wonder that online reviews play a vital role in the process of maintaining and augmenting their star position in the technological field.