Bosch seeks online reviews from Stars and Stories to increase sales

The problem


Bosch came to Stars and Stories in January 2022 to discuss adding online reviews for the launch of their new product, the MyMUM MUMS2TW00 Food Processor. A sleek design with a modern look, it comes customizable with 81 color combinations and additional accessories. However, no reviews mean no sales. Bosch understood that it needed high-quality reviews to bolster consumer trust to increase sales activity in light of its new product launch. That’s where we came in.

Our strategy


In March 2022, we began preparing review campaigns across Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark to target a Nordics-based audience. We selected 40 reviewers passionate about home cooking to participate in this campaign. Between the recruitment, testing, reviewing, and closing period, we distributed 40 samples of the food processor across all four countries and received 83 authentic reviews in the span of four weeks. Thanks to our collective partnership with Bazaarvoice, we easily syndicated many of these reviews across major retailers in the Nordics, including Pricerunner, Prisjakt, Hintaopas, and more.

The results


The reviews we collected had an average rating of 4.1 with an average length of 115 words, resulting in an overall 92% recommendation rate from our reviewers. 79% of those who tried and tested the Bosch MyMUM Food Processor expressed positive reactions in their feedback with many complimenting the product’s size and equipment performance when it came to whisking cream and baking.

“Flexible and powerful machine” ★★★★☆

"We have had the pleasure of testing the Bosch MUMS2TW00 for a few weeks via Reviewclub. We have made both soft and hard cakes, as well as regular bull dough. It has done all the tasks well, however, the whisk was not so effective at whipping cream. But for thicker doughs, we think it has good power, it does not seem strained or so in the engine. There are many accessories which is good. It has a slim and modern design, looks good on the kitchen counter! All parts are easily washed in the dishwasher."



"Like this sharply. Feels solidly built and stands extra extra firmly with the help of the suction cups at the bottom. The engine does a good job. Both for simpler tasks such as whipping cream, but also when putting dough and other heavier jobs. The sound volume is perfectly okay. What I like most is all the accessories you can complement it with. This means that it can completely replace a number of household appliances. It is also good in size, feels compact but still strong. Looks so good that you can have it in the kitchen."