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We work with clients from all over the world. What defines them best, is not so much that they are established and globally respected brands, but that they welcome genuine and honest consumer feedback. Those are the real champions to us. To name a few:

“The content was incredible and the number of words exceeded normal reviews on our washing machine by 345%.”

Marscha Vis | AEG


Dragon Alliance Goggles Case Study 2

How Dragon Alliance generated online reviews for their goggles before the snow season really kicked off

Let’s put this mountainous task into perspective: we calculated Dragon Alliance’s review conversion rate, and found that for every 100 Dragon goggles purchased, just one organic review was posted. How did Dragon – the snowsport experts – generate the volume of reviews equivalent to 4,000 sales in just a single month for their Dragon Alliance goggles? Read the case study and find out!

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