The fact that you can just hand over the samples and let them take it from there saves you a lot of time

“We were looking for an agency that could help us collect more quality reviews about our NIVEA face care products. With 725 samples in the program, it was a big investment for us and we did have some concerns about whether the costs would live up to the benefits. Thankfully our expectations were met and we are very happy with the quality of the reviews. I would recommend working with Stars and Stories to any brand. They’re very easy to work with, and the fact that you can just hand over the samples and let them take it from there saves you a lot of time.”

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Juliëtte Pickkers | Ecommerce Manager


We are impressed by the number of reviews, their quality and the speedy delivery

“We wanted the introduction of our 3 new Coolpix models to be a huge success, and so we asked Stars and Stories to help us collect reviews as fast as possible on the websites of our primary partners. We could have done this with our own database but are impressed by the number of reviews, their quality and the speed with which Stars and Stories managed to deliver all this.”

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Rene Dijk | Senior Manager Marketing and Communications

Nikon Testimonial Stars and Stories


“In order to draw more attention to our new Sennheiser headphones after its launch, we wanted to get some authentic online reviews. Stars and stories helped us by gathering 92 online reviews within a month. They selected young people with a passion for music and design and managed to get them to share their opinions on the Urbanite, after having tested it personally, on the sites of our most important online partners. Of the 92 reviews, 90 were positive, 1 was neutral and 1 was negative. I am very satisfied with the service delivered by Stars and Stories and can happily recommend them to any marketing manager.”

Lysette van Kampen | Business Development Manager

Sennheiser Testimonial Stars and Stories


“Last winter, Logitech introduced the K480 to the market and wanted to increase consumer trust as quickly as possible through online reviews. Because I did not have time to do this, I asked Stars and Stories for assistance. They selected reviewers for us that at minimum possessed a smartphone, tablet and laptop and ensured that these people together wrote over 70 reviews in four weeks on various websites. As an additional advantage, the K480 was awarded ‘Best Reviewed’ on Kieskeurig.”

Gezinus Winters | Marketing Manager


“For the introduction of the Asus Chi T100 and T300 we wanted to collect real consumer reviews as soon as possible. We decided to use Stars and Stories for this task. They were tasked to find young professionals and students who would share their opinion about these computers on three websites that are really important for our business. They did it. Within a few weeks after the start, detailed reviews were posted online. On average these consisted of 325 words en the sentiment in all of them was positive. Besides this they well exceeded our set target amount of reviews. We are impressed with what this startup can do and look forward to collaborating again.”

Marc Rademaker | PR Specialist

Asus Testimonial Stars and Stories


“For Krups, we were looking for quality feedback of consumers about our products. We are very proud of the quality of our automatic espresso machines, but we are a smaller brand in this competitive industry. Since the consumer searches for these products online, we found it important to be present on the platforms the consumer does his research. By asking consumers for their opinion, we hoped to get in the spotlights and tell our story of quality in a trustworthy voice. Stars and Stories helped us in a very professional, enthusiastic and involved manner to get this done. By means of a good network and solid approach, we have achieved fantastic results. What I remember most is the open and friendly way of communication with Stars and Stories, in which promises are always kept. We already recommended Stars and Stories to other parties and will continue to do so.”

Loes van Alst | Product Manager

Krups Testimonial Stars and Stories


“It was important to collect online reviews for our AEG Ökomix washing machine because the product was introduced recently and we wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention properly. We wanted these on our own website and the websites of our important partners. This did not happen organically, so we decided to call in the assistance of Stars and Stories. They selected the right people and collected enough reviews on the websites of our preference. The content was incredible and the number of words exceeded normal reviews of our washing machine by 345%. Combined with our ‘above the line’ campaign we increased our sales and generated awareness for the Ökomix washing machine in the past month and a half. A result that pleased me a lot. The cooperation with Stars and Stories was really smooth. They know what they talk about and deliver on their promises. For us, it’s THE partner when it comes to online reviews of our products.”

Marscha Vis | Consumer Activation Manager

AEG Testimonial Stars and Stories

We love the online dashboard that keeps you up to date. It saves time and makes it easy to report back to your team

“As with many marketing departments, pressure is high and time is of the essence. That’s why we love working with Stars and Stories. Communications and expectations are clear and transparent. We know the investment and we know exactly what we get in return.”

Joost van der Beld | Online Brand Activation & MarCom Specialist

Good experiences are shared with your neighbour and bad experiences are shared with the world

“The whole journey with Stars and Stories has been a great experience, from the beginning to the end. As a client you are taken by the hand and you don’t have to worry about anything. From the kick off call to finding the right reviewers to sending out all products, everything is managed with discipline, resulting in excellent and honest reviews.”

Ole Hellfritzsch | Head of Marketing for Benelux and Nordics

We were looking for a unique partner to support many campaigns in different countries

“It’s always a great moment when you release a new product. It’s hard to know what features will be most important to consumers, so when we saw that the objectives were exceeded,  and especially when we saw the quality of the reviews, we were delighted with this operation.”

Florian Chaumont | Channel Marketing Specialist

The reviewers posted valuable feedback and product information on our website which lead to 43 seconds extra page view time per visitor!

“Working with Stars and Stories has proven to be an excellent choice for us. To sell a new product like this, you need authentic stories from previous users, preferably prior to launch. Consumers want to know why they should buy it, what is so special about this product, and the reviews that Stars and Stories delivered were able to to this. They created on-page credibility and made our sales go up. I would recommend this service to all retailers without a doubt.”

Stéphanie Hulleman | Brand Manager

The reviews help us sell more and faster during the product launch

Working with stars and Stories is really easy. They have a Hakuna Matata philosophy that lets you sit back and relax while they supply all the content, take care of all logistics and keep you up to date with the results. I can’t really say that I have a favorite feature, I just love the complete picture.”

Martijn Braam | Benelux Director

The reviews help us sell more and faster during the product launch

“Everything was smooth from the start. There’s a clear process, clear agreements and very good service. I love the fact that you give us 100% effort.”

Lianne Spanbroek | Digital Manager

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