Code of conduct

If we want our reviewers to follow the guidelines in our Content Policy, then we, as a company, need to live up to our standards too. With the Stars and Stories® Code of Conduct, we aim to practice what we preach in all stages of the review programs.

In all of our communications, we want to be very clear about the intention of our review programs: we don’t promise our clients positive reviews, only honest reviews.

That means we will never ask our reviewers to write a positive review (or negative for that matter).  We also do not promote the client’s product. We only promote the opportunity to experience the product. This prevents us from influencing the reviewer’s expectations from the start.

Furthermore, on our website, our landing pages and in our emails, we will communicate clearly that reviewers can experience the product in exchange for their honest opinion. We always disclose upfront that they cannot keep the product.

We won’t influence the reviewers’ sentiment by giving money, promotional material or any other incentive. In case reviewers can keep the product or buy it with a discount, they will be notified after having written all of their reviews.

To improve the quality of the reviews we provide all reviewers with a Content Policy.

We want to make it clear that the selection of our reviewers is solely based on the target group description in the client’s briefing. It can only be influenced by the reviewer’s personal motivation during the sign-up procedure. The guiding principle during our selection process is the following question: Who is the best reviewer of the product?

We don’t favor personal friends of Stars and Stories® or our clients over unknown subscribers. We also don’t favor reviewers based on their previous ratings, as much as we don’t exclude reviewers who have written negative reviews in the past.

Except for logistics reasons, we usually don’t share the identity of the reviewers to our clients or any other third party. But if we do, we will always ask for the reviewer’s permission upfront.

After a period of testing, we’ll brief the reviewers on where to write and share their review, depending on the client’s briefing.

The posting of reviews is done by the reviewers, in their own time and from their personal webshop accounts. Stars and Stories® does not control any of this process. We can’t and won’t edit, alter or change any reviews from our review programs, including corrections for spelling or grammar. Nor will we ask a reviewer to do this.