Our Smooth Operators

When we’ve selected your perfect reviewers, they need to get the samples to their homes so they can start testing pronto. That’s when our logistics team jump in.

1. How do samples get from you to your reviewers?

Your precious samples are now out of your hands. What happens next? We are the mighty middle man, and these are our steps to shipping success:

1. You send us the volume of samples you agreed with our Sales team

2. On arrival, they are checked for quality, numbers, EAN codes and transport damages

3. We scan them into our logistics system called ‘Wright’ (after the aviator brothers)

4. We store them on a warehouse shelf until our Campaign Managers have made a selection of perfect reviewers

5. The selection is sent, including the names and addresses of the reviewers, and then we pack the samples into carton boxes filled with air pillows

6. We add a Reviewclub flyer and a personalised return label for every reviewer.

7. UPS comes to collect the packages at the end of the day.

8. Shipped!

2. How do you get your samples back?

At the end of a campaign, when we ask for the reviewers to return their samples, they use the return label provided to send the products back to our warehouse. This means we send packages to and from: Spain, Italy, the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands.

Jody and Jeroen (and Luna!) scan the barcodes of the returned products before storing them in the correct warehouse location. Once we have received at least 80% of the products back, we send them back to you! They are sealed in a pallet, a delivery note is affixed, and the CTS Group lorry sees to the rest.

Our Staff

We’re Jody and Jeroen, and we’re proud of our logistics operations at Reviewclub because everyday we ensure products are shipped in the securest and fastest way. Before every single package is sent, we ask ourselves ‘would I be a satisfied customer if I received this parcel?’ If yes, then it’s full steam ahead. If no, we repack until we’re satisfied. Everything needs to be as perfect as possible! We also love working with the world’s most beautiful products. Every day we set new targets and aim to reach our goals. It’s a bit like playing a intensive sports game. We’re always in the winning spirit!