Three effective ways to get more online reviews for your product

Are you selling your products online? Then you probably know that having authentic reviews close to that ‘buy button’ can influence your conversion in a positive way. But how do you get more online reviews about your product? There are several ways to do this. Read three effective strategies to get those consumer reviews.


1) Ask for reviews right after the purchase

Just ask. It’s that simple. To get more online reviews you send your new customers an email and ask: a) are they happy and b) if so, do they want to share their opinion about your product? To make it easy, you provide them with the link that leads directly to the product page where they can write their reviews. This could be a popular online retailer, or your own company website.

After a week you can send a general reminder in which you thank them for sharing their reviews and, if they haven’t got around to it yet, remind them by providing the link again.


There’s no better timing for asking for reviews, than in the first weeks after the purchase. In fact, it’s our experience that when people have used the product for seven days, they are the most likely to write reviews about it. However, the best time to ask for reviews also depends on the type of product that you’ve sold. A new laptop requires more time for getting a good impression than a bluetooth speaker.


Although results always depend on the type of product, quality of the product and the way you engage with your consumers, approximately 0,5 percent of the respondents will write you a review. For a low cost campaign, we consider this to be a success. We have executed a few campaigns like this with a conversion rate of 12 percent, however getting those results require more dedication and expertise than the average company can deliver.

2) Cashback campaigns (not advised)

Although we wouldn’t advise any company to go down this road, cashback campaigns have been a popular way to get more reviews. You offer a reimbursement of €50 in exchange for a review or include a coupon in the box with which consumers can earn a shopping spree at a certain retailer.


There’s good reason why we don’t recommend running cash back campaigns. People writing their reviews in exchange for money, often results in lower quality. Their motivation is usally based on gaining a quick win instead of giving valuable feedback and helping out other consumers. In addition, we consider incentivized reviews to be biased and therefor less trustworthy. Both are not really helping consumers to get an honest impression of the product, which is something we strongly believe in.

3) Sampling programs

Sampling programs like we offer at Stars and Stories, can be very effective to get online reviews on varies websites prior to a product launch. You have this cool, new product, you don’t have any reviews online yet, and it stares you in the face! Sending out samples to communities that are interested in sampling your products, can help you collect valuable review content days before the official launch.

Get excellent consumer feedback

The difference with the first two review strategies is that this time, you can really target your test panel. Make sure that you send the samples to your superfans, not because they will write a positive review, but because real fans give excellent feedback. They take your brand seriously and are honored that you care about their opinion. This will result in beautiful reviews AND give you the opportunity to improve your product before the launch.

Keep or sent back?

Once the reviews have been written, your reviewers can either keep the samples as a reward for their efforts, or you make sure that all samples will return to your warehouse. This way you can still use them for promotional purposes like PR events. Keep in mind that the logistics for returning the products cost money too. Find out what the tipping point is, before you spend more money than necessary.

If you want to learn more about our sampling solutions or need customized advice, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with one of our local review experts.