How many reviews does it take to make a purchase decision?

When you start outlining your review marketing strategy, one of the first questions that come up is: how many reviews do we need to make a difference? According to some scientific researchers, the answer is pretty straightforward:

How many reviews does it take to make a purchase decision?

You need at least 10 reviews on your product page

Of course the price, type of product, novelty, etc. affect how much review information shoppers want to see (varying greatly, from less than 10 to more than 50 reviews). But a study shows that 65% of online shoppers need to read at least ten reviews before making a purchase decision.

If you are competing with brands that have 30 reviews, you might want to reconsider that target number. But beware:

More reviews do not infinitely lead to higher conversion

In fact, the value of reviews decreases when the number hits around a 100 or more. Three reasons why this could happen:

  1. Customers can feel overloaded with too much information. This is partly connected to the length of reviews. As it turns out, when reviews are short and easy to scan, consumers can easily read twice as much of them.
  2. Customers reach a point where the number of reviews does not affect the credibility of the product anymore. Even when the competition still has more reviews, enough is enough.
  3. Customers might think the product has been launched a while ago and is therefore outdated.

Don’t bet on one website

Almost 75% of consumers look up reviews on 2 to 5 different websites before they make a decision. If you want to increase your chances, make sure you have reviews on at least two separate websites.

These could be:

  • retailer websites (like
  • your company website (great for improving brand awareness and SEO position)
  • review websites (like Yelp, Glassdoor)
  • price comparison websites (like Google shopping or Shopzilla)

Look beyond statistics

Online reviews can benefit your business in many ways. But if you want to make a difference in the decision-making stage of your customers, make sure your product page hosts at least ten reviews. Just make sure that you don’t stick to statistics. Analyze the competition. Think about your product and how your target group digests information.

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