Introducing unrivalled reporting

Analysis and insights through our Mission Control Centre

Taking the plunge

There are lots of reasons why a brand shouldn’t do review marketing. Here’s one: it’s scary to ask people to give their honest opinion about your products. What if it’s scathing? Here’s another: you have a limited budget and you’re scared to bet on the wrong marketing horse. If the ROI on your investment is a Shetland pony (instead of a regal, Arabian stallion), your boss will be less than pleased.

There are many more reasons why a brand should invest in review marketing though, from increased conversion rate and sales to higher consumer trust and improved SEO ranking. Our clients understand this. But even our ambassadors who work at marketing-driven companies (Samsung, Adidas) feel anxious every time they solicit real opinions from normal people about their products. The equivalent social situation would be sitting in an overcrowded, overheated restaurant on a first date, asking your hitherto silent company ‘’So…what are you gonna tell your friends about me?’’’

Not fun. Bit forward.

Our smart substitute

We decided we wanted to spare our clients the angst, and to make them feel on top of a reviewing process 24/7 without actually having to make that direct first date move. We want our clients to see straight into the pure, unfiltered minds of their reviewers. This mind is Armstrong, our unrivalled reporting software, named after one our 6 company heroes (the others being Musk, the Wright Brothers, Rosa Parks, Einstein and Sherlock).

Armstrong shows in realtime the reviews we have delivered to you, but also the reviews written by other consumers. It reveals the sentiment of the reviews, the actual content of their reviews, and (of course), the rating. You can view the star rating per review or overall, and compare this instantly with reviews of the same product in other countries. Armstrong shows where your samples are, how many are at reviewers, returned, in our warehouse or lost in space. Armstrong shows which retailers work well and which you need to avoid. It shows who the reviewers are, why they are the perfect people to test and review, and what their motivation for reviewing your product is. Armstrong shows the cost per review, the return on investment for a campaign and the budget leftover at the end. Finally, it shows you exactly what your competitors are up to and what consumers are saying about their products. You can download all this data and put it in SPSS if you choose. You can also share all reports with your colleagues and pinpoint exactly why your competitors score, why they fail, what your company needs to do to be the alpha in your field, and how you must spend your money for maximum effect.

Key Features of Armstrong

  1. Get your average rating and understand the sentiment of your reviewers;
  2. Manage your review wallet by trading our performance into funds for future reviews;
  3. Easily share beautiful and interactive campaign reports with detailed information with your team;
  4. Keep track on sample status.

Would you like to have a demo of Armstrong? Give us a call. Whatever your industry is, we can deliver you great results.