A company built on authenticity and honesty

Our founders built Stars and Stories based on the principle that real consumer feedback is essential for any brand to grow and thrive. 


Since 2014, our company has been on a mission to deliver authentic reviews and social content to help consumer brands sell more. We believe in the power of authenticity and honesty to counteract false reviews, likes, and recommendations that have saturated today’s digital marketplace, empowering people to speak their truths to build trust between brands and their consumers.

Scalability in the face of complexity

Review marketing has always been a web of complexities. Now more than ever, companies value the importance of garnering authentic social proof, yet it is extremely taxing in terms of time and effort to collect it. Addressing these complexities is one of the reasons we started our company. We’ve perfected our process of delivering reviews and social posts in ways that are now more accurate, efficient, and scalable than ever before.


Our process

We carefully select dedicated reviewers from our Reviewclub and Buzzador communities to publish honest, unbiased reviews and social buzz on any website our clients desire. We encourage our reviewers to produce high-quality reviews, photos, and social posts, in which the product’s usability, durability, strengths, and limitations are addressed in a fair and open manner. 


We’ve adapted our process to ensure our compliance with the ever-changing landscape of digital regulations implemented by the EU Commission, giving clients complete peace of mind when working with us. 

Suite as our brainpower

Meet  Suite, our review intelligence platform.  Designed with purpose and easy to use, it gives clients the ability to order review campaigns quickly and follow real-time results across multiple countries at the touch of their fingertips.  Our reports give valuable insight into what reviewers are saying about your products, giving you the full transparency you need to succeed. 


Our company culture and values

With a team of over 14 nationalities and six different religions scattered across the world, we pride ourselves as advocates of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Women make up half of our company, a testament to our support for gender equality in the tech workforce. 

Our team also consists of innovative and driven people who are passionate about what they do. We believe in having our employees uphold the following three characteristics at Stars and Stories: dedication, resourcefulness, and a sparkling attitude. 

Growth as our recurring theme

Since our founding, dozens of renowned brands across the globe have sought our services to accelerate their target marketing growth plans. We acquired Stockholm-based company Buzzador in 2020 to further extend our company ambitions, and we’ve expanded our team to include employees from not only Amsterdam, but also Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Milan, and Cairo.


As a result of our exponential growth, we were named winners of the 2018 Gouden Gazelle Award for being the fastest-growing company in the Netherlands.