Our freshest client: Bissell

Stars and Stories would like to introduce Bissell as our newest asset to our group of brands. A renowned brand on Amazon, we cannot wait to further build their brand by facilitating online reviews.

Regal Recognition

Perhaps unknown to most, but Bissell’s history is quite rich and dazzling: It all started with the American couple Melville and Anna Bissell who owned a toy store, and decided to build a carpet cleaner in order to keep the shop well maintained. The device turned out to be unprecedentedly effective, and the rumor spread all over town. Bissell would soon carve its name eternally onto the international market. After Melville passed away in 1889, Anna would become the first female CEO of the U.S, and under her wings the company would even flourish more. The devices were even sold to the royal family of England. 

Why does Bissell need online reviews?

So why does a venerated institution like Bissell even need online reviews? Being sold on major retailer websites, it would only make sense to make online reviews a key priority. We therefore are thrilled this brand has taken a chance on us!