Ranked #19 out of 50 at the #Fast 50

When we started five years ago one campaign manager could handle 10 campaigns a month. Max. Today, one campaign manager can handle 1000 campaigns a month. Minimum. And this immense tech development has been recognized by Deloitte and gave us a place among all Tech #Fast 50 entrepeneurs. With a growth well over 600%, we ranked #19th out of 50.

“Making the Tech Fast 50 list is already an achievement and being in the top 20 is an even clearer sign to my brilliant Head of Development Jacco Dijkslag that he did something really good. Big Kudoos for him and his team.” Jeroen den Bok, founder of Stars and Stories®

Why we made it on the list?

Our tech platform with its reporting tools, deep insights in the market and easy ordering of campaigns make us more scalable then ever before. More and more brands in consumer electronics, FMCG, Toys and Fashion are partnering up to get authentic reviews through an unrivalled sampling solution.