A week in the life of a Campaign Manager

Our Reviewclub France team run (on average) 6 new reviewing campaigns a week. Will your product be their next?

The Parisian pace

For our French office, it’s not an average day; they have such a strong rhythm of working that it’s more like an average week. They begin their Mondays by making selections – that is, choosing the testers for your product from the 50 – 500 people that signed up over the weekend to their hand-crafted survey. Filtering through all of the responses, and finding just a handful of perfect matches from your target description, can take a significant amount of time. Once the acceptance and rejection emails are sent out, our logistics team will get the go-ahead to pack and ship your product. Next up for our French team is the sharing and updating of their ‘to do’ lists, before establishing the prime goal for the coming week. They are the true definition of ‘team’.

Around Wednesday, existing campaigns are updated (reviews collected & counted, reminders sent to our reviewers) and logistic queries seen to. Another typical mid-week task includes preparing the promotion of campaigns on our platform. You can see an example of a landing page we prepared for Sennheiser below, where we turned a dense product description into a user-friendly sign-up page. At the end of the week, new campaigns are launched (or ‘go live’) for the French community, and campaign reports are drawn up for you and our other clients.

In their own words

Here are the French Campaign Managers’ favourite aspects of their job:

What do we love? We love going deep into the technical specifications of new products, we love being the first people privy to new releases from really cool brands and we love making people happy. One of our reviewers sent us a box of chocolates, to thank us for our work!

In short, once we’ve received your Campaign Overview, we ….

1. Establish if you want your campaign to cross borders. If it does, we will too. We can translate your campaign into any of 15 languages.

2. Line up the URLs you provide us with, then scout out even more e-tailers you may want reviews on.

3. Record the product handling options for the end of the campaign and brief our team, from logistics to sales.

4. Activate our talented graphics team to generate lifestyle & product images to share with our reviewing communities via social media, email communications and our Reviewclub platform.

5. Finalise the preparation of your product promotion, then GO LIVE! Check out an example of one of our landing pages here.