Listen up: The new collaboration with Sennheiser 

Marking its 75th anniversary this year, we applaud the new partnership between Stars and Stories and Sennheiser. Loved among DJ’s all across the planet, hopefully we can boost their volume of sales!

Flying off to a new adventure 

Now worn by a notable set of famous musicians such as Calvin Harris and Afrojack, you would almost forget that the Sennheiser audio equipment was originally used for Concorde flights. It was not until 2003, when British Airways bade the supersonic passenger airplane farewell, that Sennheiser would come to find a new and even more lucrative market. Today, after three quarters of a century, the brand launched a limited edition of its most successful product, the HD 25. On top of this, the company keeps reinventing itself, which became visible when all the new technological devices were presented at the CES in Las Vegas this winter.

Why work with Stars and Stories?

Even though Sennheiser has bashed its way into the market, the competition among technology companies is very, very strong. Emerging trends constantly compel businesses to keep on innovating. Offering honest reviews is a good way to gain trust when it come to increasing the retail of an amazing product. We are ready to beat the odds with them! 

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