Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the biggest review syndication network of them all?

There are some pretty bold statements out there when it comes to syndication (just a fancy way of saying ‘’copying’’). Sure, the number of retailers in a syndication network can be impressive, but the problem is that review syndication in itself isn’t the way to go.

Harvesting one hard-earned review and then syndicating it across many retailers is just not effective in the current climate. There are 2 salient reasons for this:

1.  Consumer Trust

Consumers search on multiple channels for information; in other words, they seek more than one witness. If you’re in a courtroom and three witnesses give the same evidence verbatim, the jury will smell a rat. A reviewer’s trust plummets in the same way when they encounter syndicated reviews. Naturally, your sales conversion rate will take a hit.

2. Key retailers

Even a vast review syndication network won’t work with all key retailers. Especially not in Europe. You’ll syndicate reviews only to realize you can’t get them where they truly matter; on Amazon, Media Markt, FNAC, Elkjop, Bol.com or any of the other big players.

You simply can’t trick consumers by duplicating reviews on different websites, and you cannot get reviews on your most important sales channels in one go. So how can you solve this? By cutting out syndication. Get rid of it. Throw the whole idea of syndication into the sea. Pfew. Gone. Now what do you have? No syndication and one review. How do you get that review on many more websites. How do you get 40 reviews of all the products in your catalogue divided over your 5 most important retailers per country?

Here’s what we would do.

You got one review from someone reflective enough to publish their valuable opinion. Ask this person for another review. And another. And another. But not more! With the first three requests, the reviewer had fun and felt appreciated. If you ask for a fourth time, it suddenly feels like work and they’ll cheekily request compensation. Believe us, we tested it. Stick to three reviews and make sure you get them to post them on the three sites most important to you and you’re golden.

Human Powered Review Syndication

We have thousands of reviewers in our community. We know them. We know what they like, who they love, what they earn, what they want and how to get in touch. These reviewers get products delivered to them and are willing to give their opinion time and time again. They post it wherever we ask them to, and here’s the beautiful thing: everytime they write a review, it’s unique. No copy, no paste – only one-of-a-kind reviews. We call this our Human Review Syndication Network. And it’s the biggest reviewing network on earth.

Feel like you want unique reviews, understand that syndication isn’t as promising as it sounds and want to get reviews on any retailer? Give us a call. We can get you plugged into the Network before you know it.