The scent of a new partnership: LVMH 

As one of the foremost luxury groups existent, we are proud to announce the new cooperation between Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy and Stars and Stories. Contributing to the success of this French multinational corporation will be a great challenge for us!

A Billionaire’s Business 

While the luxury brand Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessy bonded strengths in 1987, it would be Bernard Arnault to create an assemblage of the world’s most high end brands. It was an unprecedented concept that received many criticism at first. The result however? Making him the second richest man in the world. The vendor has continued to grow in success, especially after expanding its market into Asia. At the age of seventy, Arnault still remains to be the glue to hold it all together.

LVMH working with Stars and Stories 

A key factor to maintaining this renowned reputation is to make sure the products have the quality they are famous for. This where Stars and Stories can help. Our review model is solely based on authenticity, which guarantees the legitimacy when it comes to online consumer feedback. In the case of perfume for example, the product needs to be perfect because it is something to be worn everyday. Therefore, having access to good and detailed reviews is vital when it comes to luxurious fragrances. By assisting in this process, we hope to accelerate revenue and profit growth.