Watch and learn: Our newest cooperation with TP Vision! 

A new brand just joined our A-list of brands, and this time it is TP Vision who has chosen to invest in online reviews.

A whole new level

As part of Philips’ technological imperium, this company dedicates itself developing TV sets that are outstanding in both its form and its functionality. What do we mean by unique? Recently, the brand launched a device with cool color magic lighting, in which the colors stretch beyond the TV itself and create an unprecedented ambience. It makes for an entirely different tv experience, just imagine how Game of Thrones would look on a screen like this!  

Working with Stars and Stories

Being a common household name in countries such as Russia, China and Brazil the urge for online reviews seems inevitable. In this way, customers as well as companies can truly see and appreciate the value of what may be called one of the most innovative TV developers. We are excited to see the results of this cooperation!