Welcome Moccamaster! 

We are delighted to announce the addition of Moccamaster to our growing client portfolio. With their strong philosophy and one a kind product, we are surely getting a taste for this new cooperation!

The world best coffee drip machine according to The New York Times 

Founded in 1964 in a small Dutch village, the founders of the company opted for first class quality by single-handedly creating handmade coffee machines. With its unique design and functionality, the product is known to make every barista’s heart beat faster, but also adds seamlessly to the domestic aesthetic. The choice for personal attention and precision would turn out to be a huge success, and the brand even gained more prestige after spreading its wings internationally. Today, The New York Times labels their machines as one the best drip machines worldwide.

Why does Moccamaster want to work with Stars and Stories? 

As coffee is a product that tends to incite an emotion, it is no wonder that customers can be critical when picking the right machine. Professional coffee brewers tend to be even more picky when it comes to finding the right flavor. Needless to say, this entails a specific focus of marketing in which Stars and Stories offers a helping hand, because reviews are key. As Gerard Clement Smit, the inventor of the machine strongly valued the trustworthiness of its product, the choice for a non–incentivized review model seemed palpable. By teaming up together, the aim is to create a boost in consumer engagement and to strengthen sales results. We are excited to contribute to the journey!