Customer Service, Campaign support

Our Campaign Managers also have clients – our reviewers. They make sure they are just an email or phone call away, ready to help their communities through every reviewing campaign.

Only time can tell

An authentic and insightful review takes time to nurture and mold into an opinion other consumers would find useful. We think that 4 weeks is the perfect amount of time for reviewers to use your product as though it were their own, and see how it would fit into their lives. Typically we ask for a review a week. This way, fresh insights can be developed and the reviews generated are longer and more personal than normal. It also means that you don’t have duplicated reviews, just authentic and honest reviews every time. Read here why syndicated reviews do more harm than good.

Who you gonna call?

Over the course of this month-long trial, we have regular contact with the reviewers. The phone is never left ringing, and frankly, there are too many customer service emails to count. Our Campaign Managers are ready to assist with every reviewing issue out there, from delivery alterations to technical issues. Our reviewers do this for no compensation. It is a fun project for most of them, but naturally, not central to their lives. If they need a little nudge or reminder to submit their reviews or return a product, we pick up the phone and give them a Buzz (Aldrin)

Hints & Tips

We don’t tell reviewers what to write, but based on our content policy, we do give them a few tips. We can tell reviewers to focus on certain USPs of your products, and get them to ask themselves if their expectations of the product have been met.

A unique relationship

Some of our reviewers have been with us from day 1. We work hard to build up a strong rapport with our communities, and the strength of this trust is seen when one of our Campaign Managers calls in sick or goes on holiday. ‘’Where’s Johanna?? I hope she has a lovely holiday – she deserves it’’ the German reviewers practically mourned the absence of their outstanding Campaign Manager when she took a trip to Norway.

In France, our reviewers are very open about their reasons for testing a product, no matter how bizarre! One woman had a chicken that she entered into ‘fashion’ contests, and she wanted to keep an eye on her pageant pet, and ensure nothing went wrong in the lead up to this year’s “Concours Miss Poule’’. This reviewer believed that testing a Ring Video Doorbell would boost her chicken’s chances of glory, enabling her to keep a watchful eye over her prized fowl. To be frank, sometimes our PMs feel like shrinks, offering a friendly voice, listening ear and sound advice to reviewers that like to tell us how their weeks are going, how their children are doing at school and what their vacation plans are.