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We are a data driven, human powered platform that delivers consumer trust. We unleash the common consumer’ voice in genuine reviews, provocative social buzz and sticky social content. All as a catalyst for your sales.

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Ratings & Reviews​

We deliver honest and genuine stories from real consumers. We generate Ratings and Reviews about your brand’s product that delivers the sales boost you’re looking for.

Social Buzz

A smart social media hype that brings a significant lift in your brand or product awareness? That is what we do! We whip up organic social engagement so you can be the talk of the town.


Social Content

Imagine the narrative potential unlocked by authentic content creators showcasing your products across social channels. That’s the compelling story we’re here to help you craft.

Human powered, data driven

The Suite. That’s what we call it. The customized dashboard that our clients use to brief new campaigns and check out the real time data from their running campaigns. Our community is our biggest asset, but our dashboard is our client’s biggest thrill.


Need UGC to ignite
your product launch?

You deliver the brief and the product; we deliver genuine ratings and relatable reviews from real consumers within 3 weeks. You just sit back, relax, and check the live data in our client dashboard. Curious yet?

Unleash the power of
the common consumer's voice!

User Generated Content (UGC) has proven to be an unparalleled instrument for building consumer trust. That is why at Stars and Stories, we passionately build our active community of over 700.000 consumers in more than 18 markets. Consumers who have a story to tell, your story.


So whether you are a Marketing Manager, a Product Manager, or an E-commerce Manager, our community  can deliver UGC that helps you reach your objectives.

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