Stars and Stories

We Deliver UGC that leads to Sales

A product launch with reviews in place from day one? A social buzz campaign to boost brand awareness? We have a high-quality community filled with real consumers who buy and use your product and deliver UGC where ever you want.

Mosaic with image of post about watch and woman with yoga accessories hugging a child. Elements, representing User generated content in the form of ratings and reviews, appear around it.

Instant consumer trust with Ratings & Reviews

We call them our Stars. The over 700.000 real consumers in our active community. They deliver genuine ratings and reviews, building instant consumer trust and guiding your target audience towards the product that suits them best. Your product.


Boost awareness with Social Buzz

Social sells. A genuine product recommendation in your social feed outperforms any add. The Social Stars within our community are eager to test your product and open up their network to personal recommendation.


Social content on your owned platforms

Wondering how to boost the credibility of your owned platforms? Get our Star Creators to create social content for your product or brand. Social content created by real consumers, and owned by you.

Our Hakuna Matata philosophy

At Stars and Stories, we’re your comprehensive UGC platform. Simply provide the brief and your product, and we’ll handle the rest. Sit back and relax as we connect your target audience with our community, manage logistics, activate participants, and ensure the quality of delivered UGC. Keep track of real-time insights and reviews on our client dashboard for a clear view of campaign performance.

Have our Stars tell your story on selected marketplaces and your own channels

Our Star Community is ‘locked and loaded’ and ready to go. Can we help you boost your reviews?