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Turn everyday social media users into personal ambassadors for your brand. Our social buzz campaigns whip up organic engagement to boost brand awareness and create hype around your products. It’s our modernised take on the classic word-of-mouth.


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Powerful organic reach through authenticity

Why publish another advertisement post that could quickly get lost in online feeds oversaturated with ads and sponsorship posts? Our Social Buzz campaigns are different because we empower everyday influencers to spread the word about your product, leading to a powerful organic reach based on authentic product testimonials others can easily trust.

The power of Social Buzz

Instant product validation

Expand reach, increase sales

Lightning-speed results

How it works

We cleverly use micro and nano influencers with up to 20k followers to represent your brand from our community. Once selected for the campaign, they’ll do the ‘buzzing,’ whether it’s through Instagram stories, Facebook posts, or YouTube videos to create a spike in engagement and organic reach. Because authenticity is at the core of everything we do, we ask these individuals to share product testimonials that are honest, even if they aren’t positive.
6 steps_Tell us what you want

Invite members to the campaign

To get started, we create unique landing pages inviting members of our community to participate in the social buzz campaign. These landing pages include product details and our expectations for their participation if selected. To be considered, community members must first answer screening questions.

the campaign

Select the right participants

We carefully screen all who have expressed interest in the campaign, making sure those selected match the ideal target group. Selected members are then notified. On average, we select 80.000 members to participate in our campaigns every year!

product samples

Distribute product samples

We provide a full-service solution handling all packaging and distribution of products. Products are delivered to members within seven days after being selected. The type of delivery depends on the value of the product and the market.

contact with reviewers

Begin product testing and reviews

Members enter the testing period, where they have 2-4 weeks to write their reviews and post on Instagram after receiving the product. We also ask them whether or not they’d recommend the product and turn the overall percentage result into our Seal of Recommendation.

campaign results

Generate final campaign reporting

A full summary of the campaign performance report is provided, which includes examples of social buzz content (Instagram screenshots), overall product sentiments, review examples, and more.

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