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Yes, our company is 100% compliant with the “New Deal” legislation. To learn more about this legislation and how it affects our services, click here.
Ensuring Consumer Trust: Supporting EU ‘New Deal’ legislation. To learn more about this legislation and how it affects our services, click here.
Our company is built on the principle that authenticity and honesty are essential for brands to thrive. We uphold this principle by making sure our reviewers provide fair and truthful reviews, even if they are negative.

The best way to prevent saturation of negative reviews is to ensure the products you want to launch review campaigns for are of the highest quality. Our company is not responsible for and cannot influence the reviewer’s evaluation in any manner. Negative reviews are the sole reflections of the respective reviewer’s experiences with the product, and not of anyone else’s.

While there’s no definitive magic number, our article delves deeper into this topic. Studies emphasize the growing importance of reviews in establishing brand credibility

We are proud to leverage power from our community of reviewers who are naturally passionate and excited about testing new products. Their enthusiasm is the sole reason for their participation and is never driven by monetary incentives or other additional giftings. To rally participation, we notify the community of new campaigns via newsletters and select those with complementary profiles that fit each corresponding campaign to try and test the products.

In some campaigns, we provide an attractive discount so participants can purchase the product upfront.
1) Reviewers return the products, 2) Reviewers keep the products for free, or 3) Reviewers purchase the product if they genuinely enjoyed using it.
Our logistics department, based in a warehouse facility in Katwijk, the Netherlands, handles all operational logistics while relying on DHL, UPS, and other reliable shipping companies to distribute products internationally.

We deliver reviews throughout the largest online retailers or on social media
channels. You can also use these reviews for your own website.