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Harness authentic ratings and reviews written by real people who’ve tested your products. We deliver the validation you need to social proof your brand on any platform you desire.


No trust, no sales

Honesty is simply the best policy. That’s why our community of 700.000+ reviewers is committed to writing the truth about your products to help your brand drive conversion rates, maintain legitimacy, and earn online consumer trust.

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How it works

We carefully select dedicated reviewers from our Reviewclub community to publish honest, unbiased ratings and reviews on any website our clients desire. We encourage our reviewers to produce high-quality feedback in which the product’s usability, durability, strengths, and limitations are addressed in a fair and open manner. Because authenticity is at the core of everything we do, we ask these individuals to share product testimonials that are honest, even if they aren’t positive.

6 steps_Tell us what you want

Brief us

Provide us a campaign briefing with information including product description, target reviewer profile, and the platforms / websites you’d like us to deploy the reviews to.

You can now sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

the campaign

Launch campaign

We create landing pages based on your briefing and share them with our review community via email and social media. Those who are interested will sign up by filling out our survey.


Gather reviewers

We select reviewers for the campaign based on their survey responses and the ideal reviewer profile you constructed for us.

product samples

Distribute product samples

We either, a) distribute your samples from our warehouse to the reviewers, or b) provide them with a budget to purchase the product online.

contact with reviewers

Activate reviewers

We stay in close contact with reviewers during the entire campaign. They will leave a review on 1 to 4 websites of your choice. The first reviews will appear online as early as 10 days after the campaign launch.

campaign results

Access real-time data

Keep track of your campaign progress via Suite, our review intelligence platform. Access real-time data 24/7 with clear overview of everything from general statistics to overall review sentiments on your product.

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