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Created for Marketers who put Customer Feedback first

With a subscription to Spotlight, you unlock access to two essential tools: Conversation Studio and Market Insights.  

Market Insights: Review Strategy Simplified

Market Insights reveals where and how many reviews you need. Without it, acquiring this knowledge would take weeks of manual labor every month.

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  • Boost Sales with Reviews: Find out the perfect number of reviews needed to drive big sales, tailored by retailer and country.
  • Achieve Top Product Rankings: Get tips on how to rank high on major retailer platforms and actionable advice to improve.
  • Recover from Negative Reviews:Spot products affected by negative feedback and create strategies to bounce back.
  • Understand Competitors: Get a clear picture of what your competitors are doing and how you can stay ahead.

Conversation Studio: Reviews hold no Secrets Anymore

Conversation Studio knows what reviews really mean, information that typically takes a long time and costly one-on-one consumer interviews to uncover.

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  • Create Content That Resonates:  Use customer feedback to craft content that truly connects with your audience’s needs and preferences.
  • Boost SEO:  Optimize your content strategy with keywords and topics derived from customer reviews to improve your search engine rankings.
  • Refine Marketing Strategies: Use insights from reviews to fine-tune your marketing campaigns, targeting what truly matters to your customers.
  • Improve Customer Service: Identify product pain points and quickly create messages to help your customer service team address them effectively.
  • Spy on your competitors: Have an insiders look in why consumers love or hate competing products.
  • Track Trends: Understand the bigger picture of Customer Needs by analyzing thousands or even millions of reviews in one go.

Why Choose Spotlight?

  • Know Where to Get More Reviews: Identify products and retailers that need more reviews to boost sales.
  • Understand What Your Consumers Really Mean: Extract valuable insights from reviews.
  • Know Where to Get More Reviews: Identify products and retailers that need more reviews to boost sales.

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