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Saeco discovers the power of genuine ratings and reviews

Image of a woman making cappuccino and different types of coffee with the coffee machine Saeco Xelsis Suprema SM8889/00. A Stars and Stories case study with Philips

Campaign objectives and process - Get genuine ratings and reviews

Philips Domestic Appliances needed genuine ratings and reviews for their Saeco Coffee Machine product on, a major German retailer site. 

Preparation for this campaign began in late June 2022. To execute this campaign, we carefully selected eight reviewers from our German community to deliver the genuine ratings and reviews. Men and women aged arround 36 took part in this campaign. Within a short three week turnaround, we delivered the promised genuine ratings and reviews and formally closed the campaign four weeks after launch. 

About the product

The Saeco Xelsis Suprema SM8889/00 is a fully automatic and versatile coffee machine. With over 22 coffee specialty features available, it can brew anything from a steaming cappuccino, flat white, or espresso macchiato. BeanMaestro allows the brew settings to produce the best aroma from your coffee beans. The LatteDuo function allows the device to brew two coffees simultaneously. Thanks to the color display with touchscreen, the Saeco Xelsis Suprema fully automatic coffee machine SM8889/00 is easy to use.

The results - Genuine reviews delivered​

Saeco has received genuine ratings and reviews from 8 reviewers and an average of  4.4 rating. Most of the reviewers stated they would happily recommend this product to their family and friends. Many praised the product for its huge touchscreen display, variety of different coffee specialties, and overall coffee quality and taste. 

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