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Authentic online ratings and reviews help Dragon Alliance


The problem

With the winter season approaching fast, Dragon Alliance wanted to ensure their new cutting-edge ski goggles were supported with enough authentic online ratings and reviews. As one of the world’s most sought-after ski and snowboard equipment brands, it was imperative that they social proof their products in time before product demand increases for ski season. At the time they approached Stars and Stories, Dragon Alliance had no such credible reviews to vouch for their new products. 

The company asked us to execute a strong review marketing campaign by delivering 150 authentic online ratings and reviews within a six-week timeframe across multiple channels.

According to the Wella website, Color Motion+ products maintain “color care beyond anti-fading” and improve dyed hair in three areas: color protection, vibrancy, and hair strength. Using our campaign, Wella let the users decide through their reviews whether these claims live up to their expectations. 

Objective and strategy

To put this mountainous task into perspective: data shows that consumers are very unlikely to leave unsolicited reviews for outdoor products. In fact, the review conversion rate in this Industry is 1:150, meaning for every 150 products sold, only one unsolicited review is written. If Dragon Alliance were to reach their goal through unsolicited reviews, they would have had to sell 22,500 goggles in six weeks before the winter season officially kicked off. Simply put, it would have been impossible to achieve this task.


Dragon Alliance sought our services at the beginning of December, giving us until mid-January to reach our target goal of delivering 150 authentic online ratings and reviews for their following products: the Dragon X1S Transitions with the slick tint-changing lenses, the Dragon D1 OTG (tailored for people who want to wear glasses underneath), and the super anti-fog Dragon NFX 2 model. 


An initial 200 reviewers from our Reviewclub community signed up to test the goggles above, showing promise of genuine interest. Our campaign managers filtered that number down to 90 reviewers to select those who fit the ideal customer profile for the Dragon Alliance brand. 


We then asked reviewers to test and try the goggles over the winter holiday season while making sure they paid attention to the usability and durability of the goggles’ features. We invited them to share their honest feedback on both Coolblue and the Dragon Alliance website upon their return from their ski vacations. 

The results

The execution of the Dragon Alliance campaign was not only a testament to the speed but also the effectiveness of our process. We delivered 90 written authentic online ratings and reviews by the 15th of January and brought in 60 more before the end of the month, reaching the exact target goal of 150 reviews set by Dragon Alliance at the beginning of the campaign. 


Shortly after we published the reviews on the respective channels, all three goggles we launched campaigns for sold out completely!

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