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Authentic ratings and reviews boosts Shark Ninja's sales

Image of a woman holding a Shark Ninja blender. The image illustrates the SharkNinja case study that presents the results that Stars and Stories has brought to the company through authentic ratings and reviews.

About the product

Shark Ninja required authentic ratings and reviews to help boost the performance of their Ninja blender. The Ninja Foodi CB100EU Power Nutri is a 2-in-1 blender with powerful 1,100 watts. The blender is suitable for making ice-cold drinks, smoothies, and milkshakes, but also for making sauces, hummus, and even nut butters. The Smart Torque motor ensures that you also get hard ingredients fine. This blender comes with 2 handy cups: one with a volume of 700 ml and one with a volume of 400 ml, which you can close directly with the lid including a drinking spout. All included accessories are made of BPA-free material and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. You can choose from 4 Auto-IQ programs with which you can blend in the right way at the touch of a button: Blend, Crush, Mix, and Powermix.

Campaign objectives and process

Shark Ninja needed authentic ratings and reviews to help boost the performance of their Ninja blender on retailer sites Krefel and for both Belgian and Dutch markets. 
To execute this campaign, we carefully selected 18 reviewers from Belgium and The Netherlands to provide unbiased authentic ratings and reviews for the Ninja Foodi blender. 

Athentic ratings and reviews results

Reviewers gave the product an average 4.8 rating with a majority of them saying they would happily recommend this product to their family and friends. 

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Authentic reviews delivered

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