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Mattel secures social proof for Barbie with online reviews

Image of a child playing with a barbie. The image illustrates Mattel's case study presenting the results that Stars and Stories has brought as social proof

The problem - lack of social proof

Mattel, best known for Barbies and Hot Wheels toys, needed online reviews to generate social proof and  bridge the trust gap between them and their target consumers: children and parents. 

This case study illustrate the success of Mattel’s partnership with Stars and Stories. 

In this article you will find out more about how Stars and Stories contributed to the success of the online reviews campaign for ” Barbie® It takes two! Camping set” .

About the product

Unlike most Barbie® sets, Mattel created this “It takes two!” set to ignite young girls’ sense of adventure in the outdoors. The Barbie® doll comes with a color sleeping bag, a small dog, and a miniature pink backpack full of eclectic accessories to complete the fun.

Strategy and approach to generate social proof

Mattel understood the difficulty of attracting sales when new products have no online reviews attached. They needed social proof.

The action plan consisted of our campaign managers narrowing down our search to find suitable participants from our review community who :

a) have children 

b) have children who like to play with Barbies

c) are willing to write reviews on behalf of their little ones

The aim of the plan was to capture the general feelings of the parents and also (more importantly) the children. This is an ideal scenario for future Mattel consumers, as they will take into account the opinions of both parties about Mattel Barbie products before making their final purchasing decision.

Execution and results

In February 2022, we helped Mattel achieve solid review campaign results for their Barbie® “It takes two!” camping playset. We distributed 24 samples across Germany and delivered 20 authentic online reviews within a four-week timeframe. 

Parents gave Mattel a 100% recommendation rate, increased social proof and praised the toy set for its fun camping accessories as well as the doll’s overall appearance.

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