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Online product reviews bump Libresse into the spotlight

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The objective - Collect online product reviews

Libresse, a global brand specializing in intimate care for women, needed online product reviews for their new line of feminine hygiene products.  The target KPIs were set to 50 online product reviews for each product, which included their PureSensitive towels, liners, Intimate Wash Gel, and Intimate Wipes. 

Our strategy

Since we needed 50 online product reviews (there were four products total), we needed at least 200 reviews for the campaign to be deemed successful. We targeted women between the ages of 20 and 50 across all Nordic countries (Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden) and ended up selecting a total of 198 participants.


Participants from Denmark tested only the Puresensitive Intimate Wash Gel and Wipes while everyone else tested the towels and liners. 


Once we sent the samples to the participants, it was time for the ladies to use, test and evaluate Libresse products. Of course, they also needed to share their thoughts as online products reviews on the products’ usability, durability, and effectiveness.

The results

Buzzador reviewers showed great enthusiasm for Libresse feminine hygiene products throughout the campaign. 98% of the reviewers from Denmark recommended the wash gel and wipes, while the rest gave a 97% recommendation rate for the towels and liners. 

96 women also shared their positive experiences with the Libresse products on Instagram via posts and stories using the hashtag #LibresseBuzz. With most of them having an average of 1.3k followers, the reviewers further increased the organic reach our campaign had hoped for.


With 250 participants, we were able to help deliver a total of 158 social media posts with 237 online product reviews, achieving a total audience reach of 398.419 within an impressive four-week period.

What reviewers said about Libresse products

“I use Libresse PureSensitive Intimate napkins when I have a long day on the speed. I teach sports and it is great when you can freshen up with one napkin in the middle of the day so you are ready for the rest of the day. They are without perfume and allergens and they maintain their natural balance and PH value.” 



“The PureSensitive Liners were thin, comfortable, and fit well in case of discharge. Gentle and soft against the skin, but could have had a little more glue then it fits better by physical activity.”

– MARITA, Norway

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