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Genuine online reviews boost Lelo Hex sales by 245%

Image of LELO Hex condoms illustrates the case study that points out the results obtained by the brand by relying on Stars and Stories, through genuine online reviews

About the Products

Let’s be honest: there is no easy way to get genuine online reviews on condoms. But what if your brand is about to launch a revolutionary condom for a high-end price?

LELO, one of the world’s leading pleasure brands, introduced a new condom called LELO Hex. Designed with an innovative hexagonal structure, this product aims to deliver strength, thinness, and sensation all at the same time during use.

To boost sales, LELO and online retailer came to us to invest in honest, experience-based genuine online reviews prior to the formal product launch.

The process - How to collect genuine online reviews

Our task involved finding reviewers with the following appropriate profiles for this campaign. We aimed to select individuals (couples or singles) who:


  • Have a regular sex life
  • Care for high-end products
  • Are willing to test the condoms at least five times within a four-week period
  • Are between the ages of 18 and 55
  • Are willing to write genuine online reviews

Within four days of sharing a landing page and survey within our community, we rallied 15 quality reviewers that matched the above criteria. We sent them samples of the condoms shortly after to begin the campaign.  

The results

2100% increase in average word count

Prior to this campaign, the average word count for most reviews on LELO’s condoms was six. Review submissions were often bland and two-dimensional, offering something along the lines of, “Awesome condom. No problems so far.”

On the other hand, the reviewers from our campaign delivered high-quality reviews with a way higher average word count of 130. Many of them thoroughly addressed the USP’s of the condoms in relation to their personal experiences. 

Genuine online reviews delivered

Our campaign reviewers submitted high-quality, genuine online reviews, with a much higher average number of words than the company had previously. What’s more, the reviews were much more in-depth and detailed, which brought new buyers even closer to the brand

A/B Testing agreed to conduct A/B testing as part of our review campaign to prove whether or not online reviews made positive impact on both the retailer site and online consumers. They did so by splitting those interested in the LELO HEX condoms into two groups. 

Group A was sent to the LELO HEX condoms page (Page A) that included online reviews, while Group B was redirected to the same product page (Page B) that had no reviews to show. Here’s what we found:

  • Page A had an average page view time of 2’15” while Page B had 1’32”
  • Page A had a 207% page value increase with €0,89 against €0,31 on Page B
  • Conversion rates increased by 245%. Out of the 400 consumers who were interested in LELO HEX condoms, Page A converted 13 buyers from Group A, while Page B converted 5 buyers from Group B


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Conversion rate increase

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