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Thone seeks reviews to gain genuine customer feedback


Thone seeks Reviews to gain genuine customer feedback

Image of a woman wearing sunglasses dances with her hair flying at a music festival. Symbolizing the effect of using Thone headphones. In partnership with Stars and Stories, the company gained genuine customer feedback

Campaign objective - Gather genuine customer feedback

As their small business has skyrocketed, Thone wanted to access genuine customer feedback on its products to continue producing high-quality protective earplugs. To do so, they needed to use an efficient review delivery service. Thus, Thone partnered with Stars and Stories for several Ratings and Reviews campaigns to gather genuine customer feedback on their ear protection products in the German market. 



To prep for the three campaigns we ran for theThone M1, Thone X Classic, and Thone D1,  we selected participants from our review community between the ages of 30-40 with representation from both genders. 


The reviewers were asked about their interests in music, festivals, and concerts which is what our campaign managers based the selections on. They were also asked to use the product at specific events, which would allow the product to ‘perform’ in its most valuable environment.

About the product

Thone earplugs are a must for live music lovers around the world. Enjoy booming sounds at festivals and outdoor concerts without damaging your eardrums in a practical and stylish way. Music and conversations are effectively reduced with pleasant but well-adjusted decibels that retain the same sound quality when not wearing ear protection. Made with silicone material, the Thone ear protection product is transparent and nearly invisible when worn. Varying earplug sizes allow this product to be guaranteed to fit any ear size while being easily removable.

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