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Reviewclub is a community of individuals dedicated to sharing authentic ratings, reviews, and social buzz. Essentially, it’s our source of truth.



Reviewers are invited to new product launches on Fridays, where they can sign up to join a campaign of their choosing. Once selected, reviewers will receive the product via mail and spend several weeks testing and assessing the product’s usability, durability, and possible limitations before sharing their honest opinions with us.



To ensure the validity of their feedback, our reviewers comply with strict measures such as character count minimum, and they are never paid to publish any of the reviews they create for us. Instead, they are incentivised by their own passion for testing products and sharing their opinion to help others make better informed choices.



The Reviewclub community currently consists of more than 700.000 reviewers active in over 18 countries. Reviews have been written in over 16 languages. In fact, these numbers are growing every year without spending a dime on marketing - a testament to the success of the Reviewclub community in everything they do.


Global community of reviewers


Active in over 18 countries


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