What defines a high-quality review?

From a consumer’s perspective

What kinds of reviews are considered ‘high-quality’ for consumers? Consumers read reviews to make informed decisions before making an actual purchase. High-quality reviews benefit consumers in a way that helps them better understand the product’s usability, durability, as well as other special insight that is not provided in the product description otherwise. Consumers are less likely to purchase a product if the reviews are short, misleading, or not personable.

From a brand perspective

High-quality reviews are important for brands because they solidify that bridge of trust between the brand and the consumer. According to a KPMG Global Online Consumer Report from 2017, trust is the number one most important factor in a consumer’s purchase behavior. The more high-quality reviews there are for a product, the more attractive it is for consumers, and the better the product performs when it comes to Google search engine results. Most importantly, it leads to more sales. 

So what criteria make reviews ‘high-quality’?


Authentic reviews deliver information that is personable and relatable to consumers. These reviews go above and beyond a one-dimensional comment of ‘This product is great!’. They thoroughly describe how the product has either improved or worsened the consumer’s day-to-day life through its usability and durability. Without authentic reviews, consumers would lose the ‘humanized’ aspect of the online consumer experience. 


High-quality reviews provide information about a product that may not otherwise be mentioned in the product description, giving consumers four-dimensional insight into what the product is capable of. Additional user information such as these really help fill in the blind spots. Examples of helpful information a review may include could be: 1) whether or not the exterior colors of a product fades over time, or 2) if a portable speaker sounds great but is too big to carry to the park because of its size. 


Reliable, trustworthy reviews come from people who are by no means financially or personally connected to the brand selling the product, including reviewers who’ve been provided with incentive (money or gifts) in exchange for their opinions. This removes most (if not all) chances of bias and dishonesty in the reviews themselves. 

In summary

High-quality reviews are imperative for both brands and their consumers. They provide valuable insight, build necessary foundations of consumer trust, and most importantly increase a product’s sales performance as a result of everything it already does.

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