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Libero increases brand awareness with ratings and reviews

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The problem

Libero came to Stars and Stories to increase brand awareness using ratings and reviews. The brand, a leading diaper brand across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, have a steady reputation for providing quality products for newborn children. The companies worked together for two months to gather honest ratings and reviews for Libero’s Touch 360° Pro Skin Technology Diapers 1 and 2. The company wanted to increase brand awareness enhancing online ratings and reviews to boost sales for Touch 1 and Touch 2. 

Our strategy - Increase brand awareness with ratings and reviews

The target group

We launched our review marketing campaign with Libero to increase brand awareness with ratings and reviews. Our main target group was parents with children up to two months old.

The selections

The products that needed testing in this campaign were Libero Touch 1 and 2. As for the target number, we needed 125 ratings and reviews delivered in order to increase brand awareness.

We selected a total of 250 participants across the Nordic countries to do the following:

  1. Test these diapers for our campaign
  2. Share thoughts about Libero’s products online

Will this help increase brand awareness for Libero? Let’s see.

The results

Our campaign achieved results that completely exceeded the KPI numbers set before launch. From the 250 reviewers we selected, 158 social media posts were published, resulting in 104k organic reach and a total reach of 398k across the Libero sites. Participants were extremely satisfied with the diapers, commenting on their softness, absorbency, and overall durability when attached to the babies’ bodies. With the 97% Seal of Recommendation from Buzzador, Libero had no trouble increasing brand awareness.

“I love Libero Touch. There is a line so you can see when the baby has peed, I think it is really nice, and the diaper is super soft.”

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Organic Reach

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