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Why online reviews should be part of your marketing strategy


Online reviews have become huge factors that influence a buyer’s journey. They are the modernized version of word-of-mouth based on the principle of marketing and advertising. It has especially evolved rapidly over the last decade to significantly impact everything from brand awareness to consumer trust.

So, this question should be a no-brainer: when you’re on the hunt for a new audio system, do you base your decision on the ads you see or the reviews other customers have left behind?

The answer would be the latter, of course. 

The significant influence that reviews have on company performance is remarkable. Let’s explore how this online marketing strategy influences consumer behavior and why incorporating it into your marketing plan is crucial to achieving success.

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The Influence of Online Reviews

Online reviews are now the modern version of word-of-mouth marketing and have quickly become essential for any company that wants to increase its online presence. Reviews act as digital recommendations, helping customers navigate the multitude of options and influencing their purchasing choices. Online reviews have a significant impact on all parts of the consumer journey, from increasing brand recognition to building trust with customers.

Reviews act as digital recommendations

Consumer Trust and Influence

Statistics show that 98% of shoppers say reviews are an essential resource when making purchase decisions.  This emphasizes how essential reviews are to establishing the trust and credibility of your brand. Positive feedback acts as a form of social validation, increasing the confidence of potential buyers and encouraging them to make a purchase.

The Buyer Cycle and Reviews

Online reviews have a lasting impact at every point of the buyer’s journey, as they move smoothly through the process. From recognising the need to making the final decision, they lead customers through the buying process. What’s more, after the conversion phase comes the “evaluation” phase, during which reviews affect future purchasing choices, continuing the cycle.

Conversion and Reviews

The relationship between online reviews and conversion rates is undeniable. Research shows that 9 in 10 consumers say they consider reviews when making a purchase decision.  Effective use of reviews can significantly increase conversion rates, leading to effective business expansion. This practical example show how a strong review strategy can lead to remarkable results, increasing conversion rates and revenues.

On-Site Ranking and Reviews

Reviews also significantly impact off-site rankings when you sell your product on an external retailer’s website. E-retailers rank products with the most reviews or best ranked at the top of their vertical search engine. Similarly, Google will base its search engine rankings on the conversion rates on these sites as well.

Off-Site Ranking and Reviews

External platforms, especially e-retailer websites, are highly affected by external reviews when it comes to determining rankings. Items that receive more reviews or higher ratings tend to appear at the top of vertical search engine results. Google also takes into account the conversion rates of these external sites when deciding on search engine rankings, which demonstrates the interconnectedness of online reviews on digital platforms.

Adding Value to Your Business

Online reviews have a wide range of benefits beyond marketing, covering different areas of your company’s operations. They act as essential resources for research and development, offering a direct understanding of consumer preferences and challenges. What’s more, if handled correctly, reviews can act as an extension of your customer service initiatives, fostering meaningful engagements with your target market.

Incorporating Online Reviews: A Blueprint for Success

In short, incorporating online reviews into your marketing plan is not only suggested, but essential today. By using ratings and reviewes effectively, companies can improve the way their brand is perceived, increase sales and create strong connections with customers in the long term. Embrace online reviews as a valuable tool and utilize their potential to lead your company to exceptional growth and success.


Online reviews contribute unique content that improves search engine rankings, both on-site and off-site. Search engines like Google factor in conversion rates from reviews when determining search result rankings, making them essential for SEO efforts.

While negative reviews may seem detrimental, they also provide opportunities for improvement and demonstrate transparency to consumers. Responding promptly and professionally to negative feedback can turn a potentially damaging situation into a positive one by showcasing your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Offer incentives such as discounts or loyalty rewards for leaving reviews, make the review process simple and convenient, and actively engage with customers to encourage feedback. Providing exceptional products and service also naturally generates positive reviews from satisfied customers.


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