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Customer feedback increase clarity on Sony’s speakers


The problem

Sony recognized its need for online customer feedback to increase consumer trust, brand awareness, and e-commerce growth. The company had no online customer service to address questions regarding their SRS-XB20/SRS-XB30/SRS-XB40 Portable Bluetooth speaker. Having ratings and reviews was therefore the only to way provide consumers with clarity on the product while optimizing the product’s position in the search engine results. 

“We tried several review marketing solutions and I collaborated with online retailers to run cashback campaigns,” said Joost van de Beld, Brand Activation & MarCom Specialist at Benelux. “I realized quickly that quality reviews don’t come from people that are expecting an incentive.”

Objective and strategy - how to get customer feedback?

We came to the conclusion that the main objective of the campaign was to increase clarity on Sony’s portable and wireless bluetooth speaker. Since the product was complex and had many features, it made sense that they needed customer feedback through online reviews to address aspects of the product that the company may not have been able to share. 

Sony first took the time to share their ideal reviewer profile with us before we invited the selected candidates to write reviews on the bluetooth speaker. For this campaign,  we quickly delivered 38 written reviews with a 187-word count average in less than four weeks. 

The results

Van de Beld was extremely satisfied with not only the quick turnaround time of our services but also the quality of the customer feedback we were able to collect from the reviewers who tested the bluetooth speaker. 

“People seem to take their considered time to write their feedback and back up their story, name specific product features and talk more about the USPs of the product,” he remarked. 

As a result of our contributions, two of Sony’s speakers were awarded “Best Reviewed” by Keskeurig for providing in-depth and thorough insight on the products that the retailer sites would not have provided otherwise. 

“These types of accolades not only contribute to greater exposure for the product but also greater consumer trust,” Van de Beld says.

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Authentic customer feedback in the form of online reviews

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