Wella uses social buzz to promote hair products


The problem

In 2021, Wella and Stars partnered with Stars and Stories to generate social buzz to promote the new Color Motion+ hair products line. Wella wanted us to focus on the Color Protection Shampoo and Moisturing Color Reflection Conditioner set for this particular campaign.

According to the Wella website, Color Motion+ products maintain “color care beyond anti-fading” and improve dyed hair in three areas: color protection, vibrancy, and hair strength. Using our campaign, Wella let the users decide through their reviews whether these claims live up to their expectations. 

Objective and strategy

To start, the main objective of the buzz campaign was to target customers with colored hair to share their ColorMotion+ experience on social media and write reviews on Buzzador and Lyko. 

We sent out newsletters announcing the Wella campaign launch to hair enthusiasts in the Nordics (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark). After selecting individuals with the right ideal customer profile, we distributed samples of the ColorMotion+ gift set and awaited their reviews.

The results

We achieved fantastic results within a four-week time frame after sending out the Wella samples.

1565 individuals buzzed about ColorMotion+ on Instagram both via posts and stories
1957 ratings and reviews were published on Lyko
1285 ratings and reviews were published on Buzzador
1.79 million impressions achieved in organic reach
2.47 million impressions achieved in total reach

All numbers and figures expressed from the final reports completely exceeded the initial KPI numbers set before the launch of the campaign. Additionally, the ColorMotion+ shampoo and conditioner gift set also received generally positive reviews. With a 4.2 average rating across all platforms and a Seal of Recommendation stating 9/10 users would recommend this product, reviewers show strong agreement with Wella’s claims on the ColorMotion+ hair products’ effectiveness and usability.

[Using social buzz with Stars and Stories] is a nice way to drive awareness and customers trials. Easy and clear communication as well as flexibility.

R. Wenngren, Wella