Stars and Stories supports EU ‘New Deal’ legislation


Because reviews play a vital role in generating consumer trust in the digital market, the EU Commission introduced a ‘New Deal’ legislation that took effect this year to modernize consumer protection rules in the European Union.

In summary, the ‘New Deal‘ (also known as the Omnibus Directive 2019/2161) enforces the following:

  • Prohibition of false reviews in the digital marketplace
  • Any organization publishing consumer reviews online must follow proper protocol to ensure reviews come from consumers who have actually used or purchased the products/services

Message from CEO Jeroen den Bok

“Stars and Stories has based its business strategy on the importance of honest, authentic reviews. This makes it vitally important for us to comply with all rules and regulations set by the authorities on review marketing. In fact, our internal processes and standards with regards to the authenticity of our reviews are set up in such a way that we do more to ensure we deliver real content than what is deemed necessary by the EU.”

Our compliance is your assurance

With authenticity as our guiding principle at Stars and Stories, our services have no issues aligning with the New Deal legislation. Here’s what you can expect from us under the new regulations:

  • Every piece of user-generated content we deliver (whether it’s a consumer review or social post) is created by an independent consumer who has used and/or bought the product or service
  • Our iron-clad process makes it impossible for independent reviewers to create false content 

Not just a guarantee, it’s our contract

Every deal we make with our clients comes with a content authenticity contract. This legally binding document transfers the responsibilities and risks of being compliant with the New Deal from your brand to our company. With our promise locked in legal writing, you can work with us in smooth sailing. 

Does your company currently comply with the ‘New Deal’ legislation? If you are unsure or are interested in a consultation, please contact us at